Our skillset today is the sum of not only our succes but also our failures

The Blackstone group of companies has been active within three business areas since 2003:

1. Gold trade is our core business - with a history in exploration and mining of Gold. 

2. Knowledge based tech solutions and projects for Government and Industry.

3. Renewable energy- and clean tech solutions.

After having completed the rehabilitation of a Ghanaian mining site, we decided to analyze the Ugandan minerals sector. Upon the initial surveys we decided to enter Uganda by investing in licenses ship equipment and machinery to Kampala, fabricate various customized mining equipment locally and employ local staff in Uganda upon obtaining the appropriate mining leases. Blackstone Ichiban was established in September 2012 to fulfill these objectives and carry out the vision in Uganda within the three business areas after years of alluvial Gold mining in the Central-, and Ashanti Region of Ghana as well as solution providing within clean tech and knowledge based projects to Governments and clients in West Africa and other regions.

Today the core business of Blackstone is threefold

1. to develop feasible businesses within precious minerals. We buy and sell precious minerals as well as partner up with International partners to develop viable sites for exploitation. The base of our mineral business unit is buying and selling Gold. 

2. to introduce best practice tech solutions to companies and Government that brings the best utilization of technology and transfers knowhow and skills to developing countries at a cost structure that is affordable. 

3. to introduce solutions to Uganda utilizing the Scandinavian-Ugandan background of the Directors for the greater good of customers and partners alike. 

As all our work is done at high discretion our references can be elaborated by personal enquiry.