Welcome to Blackstone - a leading partner in Gold Export in East Africa.

Gold buying is a matter of trust


Blackstone is a competent buyer of Gold in Uganda and East Africa and we aspire to be the best partner for miners and sellers of Gold through our extensive knowledge of the entire mineralization process. 

We have worked with International buyers of Gold since 2010 and will be able to purchase both small and very large quantities of gold.

Throughout the years Blackstone has gained extensive experience with all security issues regarding buying of Gold and Diamonds so we can ensure the secure transaction and also assist sellers with security after transaction.   

We are experienced with the entire process of mining for Gold and as a part of our general work prospecting and exploring, the Blackstone team has established business relations with authorities and miners in East Africa as well as West Africa.


It is often possible for our team to advise our

sellers of Gold and Diamonds

Blackstone focuses on long term relations and we are known for honoring our agreements.


If security is important, please contact us

Base metals and commodity minerals trading. 

Blackstone represents various mining companies in International markets. We assist in customer acquisition and sales in stead of the mining companies in Eastern and Southern African countries. 

We also purchase and export various mineral ore in Blackstone and hold licenses and rights to Lithium (Spodumene), Tantalite , Coltan and Copper. 

Blackstone, and our mining partners prefer buyers with the preference for purchasing minerals on the African continent, and we will provide assistance to exporting and shipping to ensure the repeat business. Naturally we prioritize mutually beneficial, long term agreements with buyers of good standing. 

In rare instances Blackstone will also assist International buyers in sourcing high volumes of base metals and minerals, and our extensive experience and network in Uganda, DRC, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, South Africa and other countries ensures trusted relations, serious sellers and long term cooperation. 

Mineral development in Africa 

Blackstone is a privately held company based in Kampala, Uganda. We operate with a capitalstructure without debt to be independent of banks and outside interests.

Blackstone has three main activities

1. Exploration and mining for minerals in Uganda and East Africa. We have acquired Exploration licensens in various regions of Uganda and these licenses are currently being explored prior to applying for mining leases. We have previously been extracting Gold in mining sites in Ghana. Blackstone also advises mineral developing companies and medium-scale mining companies to develop business and optimize processes. 

2.Mineral trade. The team started trading Gold in 2010 and has since expanded into rough diamonds, metals and rare earth minerals. We focus on selling certified, and conflict-free minerals to both East African - and International buyers.  

3. Related business. Since 2011 the Blackstone team has been assisting various Government bodies with analysis-, strategy development- and implementation of solutions within technology, science, security and industry for the benefit of the people of developing countries - ie East Africa

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